Paimio Electrical Museum

In the beginning of the 20th century it was commonly believed that electrifying the whole Finland would be impossible. Few could have imagined how dependent on electricity Finland would evolve during the century. Not to mention the 21st century!

Paimio electrical museum presents the history of electricity in Finland during the past hundred years. The new base exhibition in the middle floor explains how electricity is produced, distributed and used. Here you can for example pop into a wooden transducer!   

On the uppermost (3rd) floor you can familiarize yourself with a company called Sähkölähteenmäki which made electric installations in Finland. 2023 is SLM 100 theme year. Iivari Lähteenmäki started 1923 ”onemans” installation company. It became under decades big company – over 2 200 workers! It had also big projects abroad, for example in Europe and Asia.
In exhibition SLM 100 presents the most important phases and projects in companys history.

Iivari Lähteenmäki (1900 – 1976) in front of the factory building of the Sähkölähteenmäki in the beginning if 1970´s

Theme exhibition´s are also in the 3rd floor. 2023 the theme exhibition deals with history of the nuclear power plants in Finland.

In the second floor of the building is another part of the main exhibition (from 2022). There you can see electrified scale which includes main parts of electricity producing and distribution systems in Finland.There is also wooden transducer – important part of distribution system.

Next to transducer you can try VR headset. There are games and a virtual helicopter ride. You get to ride a copter that operates a giant chainsaw hanging under it, that´s used to cleanup branches too near electrical lines.

Museum building

The museum building itself is also worth seeing. It was originally built by store owner Hallman in the 19th century and made of red and grey granite. On one hand, Hallman was a respected person who was known for helping the poor and being active in the fire department, but on the other hand, he was a devilish person who, according to the stories, poisoned his neighbour’s cow and paid his fines with a box full of pennies. He was often called a pirate Behind his back.

Now the mysterious vaults of Hallman are open for public. The largest vault in the first floor has been reconditioned as a cool coffee place for the warm summers. The building also contains a museum shop and the tourist info.


All three floors of the Paimio Electrical Museum offer interesting information for normal tourists as well as people interested in technology.

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